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Wolf Ring


The wolf is quite possibly one of the most adored and feared of nature’s creatures. An almost diamond shape forms the base of the wolf ring while the eyes and ears fill in the more recognizable wolf characteristics.  Simple and clean lines form the shape of the wolf’s natural countenance on the exterior of this handmade ring.

Oxidized silver is used to create a dark, smoky look while light bounces off of the sharp corners and lines that form the rest of the wolf’s outward appearance. The wolf’s eyes are designed with a deep brown to almost black oxidation, which give the ring a somewhat mysterious flair. With the right lighting, the ring will appear to be a near matte ombr'e color as light moves across the surface. 

Geometric patterns combined with an abstract design produce the final shape and size of this wolf ring, and entice those with artistic taste to add it to their collection. Hollow in nature and extremely lightweight, the wolf ring was built for both males and females and never overpowers the wearer’s finger or style.