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Lion Ring Blue Sapphire Crown

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Lion Ring With Blue Sapphire Setting

This unisex geometric Lion ring from the ANIMA (L) collection, was inspired by the look and feel of King’s jewelry, and represents inner strength and power while maintaining a certain softness. Hand sculptured ring ,made of 925 sterling oxidized silver. The bright silver high lights accentuate the gorgeous sapphire and ruby settings, depending upon preference, which sit atop the Lion’s crown.

The ring’s silver band is the perfect width and meets perfectly in the middle where the Lion’s face sits. The painstaking detail that went into creating this ring is obvious, right down to the Lion’s eye slants and perfectly carved nose. A small yet powerful crown is molded onto the Lion’s head and adds a pivotal touch to the style of this piece.

Dark definitions are seen around the eyes and in the lion’s mane, two of the lion’s most notable features. Hollow on the inside, this stunning ring is extremely comfortable and perfect for everyday wear. The near pale color of the sliver is offset by either a bright red ruby or a soulful blue sapphire that completes the piece.

Representing power, strength, leadership and beauty the Lion is by far one of the animal kingdoms most recognizable creatures, and with this Avant Grade ring you can display your love for both animals and handcrafted jewelry.

  • Stone size: 1.4 mm Blue Sapphire