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Snake Ring

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This exceptional unisex and hand-made ring was inspired by nature and abstract art. The snake is a sleek and cunning creature. It’s smooth body and clean lines are perfectly imitated within the conceptualization of this stylish ring. Crafted from the sterling silver, the snake wraps around the wearers finger in an impeccable manner. The curves of the snake’s face protrude slightly to make room for a pair of yellow sapphire eyes that seemingly peer right through the onlooker’s soul. The eye sockets are perfectly indented with precision-like accuracy, and are surrounded by a slightly darker hue that once again highlights the cold nature of this creature.

The snake’s eyes culminate at the bottom of the ring where his head curves in, creating the illusion of a long and slender body. The ring’s size and shape contour splendidly with the natural silhouette of the finger, and were specifically designed with the wearer’s comfort in mind. Contemporary style and abstract design features combined within the shape and color of this breath-taking snake head ring.

Lightweight silver, exquisite colors and intricate carving unite to create a breath-taking piece of jewelry that cannot be found anywhere else.

  •  Delicate Setting of: 1.5 mm X 2 Yellow Sapphires.
  • Hollow

Product is handmade and made to order: Production time is 14-21 business days.