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Owl Ring with Yellow Sapphire Eyes

$142   $189

Another beautiful addition to our lovely minimalist and perfectly geometric sterling silver Barn Owl Ring.
2 mysterious yellow Sapphire stones setting as eyes. { 2.00 mm each)
Designed by jewelry maker Elina Gleizer, this gorgeous ring subtly represents the ancient wisdom of the owl symbol without coming across as elementary in the design. Its strength is its simplicity. The thick sterling silver wraps comfortably around the wearers finger with the owl’s face looking out to the world beyond. Although it is crafted from sterling silver, the ring is extremely light and can easily be worn on a daily basis.
Dark definition in the eye area with bright silver high lights.
  • Face: 12.9 mm X 14.3 mm  | Band width: 6.2 mm
  • Unisex
  • Hollow

Product is handmade and made to order: Production time is 14-21 business days.