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Become an affiliate

 E L I N A  G L E I Z E R  //  Affiliate Program 

Become an affiliate and make more revenue from your website!

Join the affiliate program and you can start earning commission by selling our items.

Sign-up here  to join affiliate program.

Why should I join your affiliate program?

  • Increase your site’s profitability:You’ll earn money for every magazine subscription or single issue sold directly through your actions
  • No risk: Quick and easy to join. ELINA GLEIZER affiliate program is powered by – the world leading affiliate managing APP. Every thing is transparent and all data is available to you from your PERSONAL dash-board
  • Hassle-free for you: Subscription payment processing, postage, and customer service are all managed by us.

What support will I receive?

Our program is quick and easy to join, and you need very little technical expertise to get started.

You’ll get 30-day cookies, so even if a visitor doesn’t order on their first visit, you’ll earn commission if they return.

We’ll keep you informed of any promotions, bonus offers, and incentives.

But how much will I be paid? And when?

You’ll receive fortnightly payment direct from Affiliate Window. At anytime you’ll be able to login to Affiliate Window and check how much you’re earning.

basic commission is 10% for every item sold, with the opportunity to earn more if you sell more!

Things you need to know before you Join: 

1. payment threshold is 100$ 

2. we don't approve sales for people advertising under the brand name keywords or impersonating to the official website 


Simply sign-up here to join the affiliate program ! If you have any questions or feedback, please contact