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Handmade Jewelry - what's it all about?

You probably asked yourself: "What is so special about Handmade jewelry?"

Here are the 4 most important things to know about ELINA GLEIZER Atelier handmade jewelry. 

It's about the Story Behind Each Handmade jewelry

When you wearing our handmade piece, you become a part of the story we are telling through our work. The reason behind designing our ANIMAL jewelry collection lies in our love for nature and the will for spreading the word about wildlife preservation. Our “ GREEN GUARD ” collection is a great example.


It's about The Time Invested

Each handmade jewelry item we make requires a serious investment of time, imbuing the piece with a significance that just cannot be matched. Time is a truly precious resource, moreover knowing that an item was handmade just for you, holds much more meaning.

From this: 

* A beginning of a new design starts with a chunk of green wax and a sketch. 


To this:

* The Lady Capricorn ring is finally ready. After casting, polishing, stones picking, stones setting and the final texture finish.  


It's about The process

We take enormous pride in our work and ensure that each piece is impeccable. All of our jewelry is handmade, and hand polished, that is why they are made to order. Working with another jeweler on production, our studio manages to manufacture between 50-80 items each month. Producing in small quantities allows us to make each piece with the highest standards and quality. If you want to learn more about our process click here.


It's about the Quality

Smaller-scale production means higher quality because we track and control the process from start to finish of every single item we make. We go a long way to ensure the purity of the metals we use and hand pick every diamond and gems that go into our final products. we are extremely proud of the work we produce. We are not going to let something of inferior quality leave our studio with our name on it.



Here are some of our Animal Handmade collections : 


Photographed by: Aya Wind