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Our Story

Welcome to ELINA GLEIZER Atelier, a realm where jewelry transcends mere adornment and becomes an exquisite expression of your individuality. Our brand is dedicated to crafting functional, contemporary, and daring designs that redefine abstract jewelry and create enduring pieces that embody grace and resilience.

Founded in 2014 by the imaginative minds of Elina Gleizer and Pavel Balter, our brand represents a dynamic duo where Elina's visionary design and goldsmith skills merge seamlessly with Pavel's expertise in marketing and management. Together, they set out on a journey to unite a global community that cherishes exceptional jewelry.

Embracing a commitment to form research, innovation, and minimalism, we merge the heritage of traditional metal craftsmanship with cutting-edge techniques to create jewelry that stands the test of time. Each order we receive is treated with utmost care and devotion, as we maintain an unwavering dedication to uncompromising craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.

Sustainability is a guiding principle. We proudly refrain from stockpiling to minimize waste and leave behind a clean ecological footprint. Every piece is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans in our studio in Ramat Gan, Israel, ensuring exceptional quality and a gentle environmental impact.

As you step into our enchanting realm, you'll find that each jewelry piece weaves a narrative and resonates with your very soul. Our designs invite you to embrace more than just jewelry; they invite you to wear a masterpiece that reflects your true essence.

So, welcome to our magical place, where jewelry transforms into art, and you are invited to embark on a journey of self-expression and beauty. ELINA GLEIZER Atelier is thrilled to become a part of your unique story.

Photographed by : Rachel Friedman