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Article: Is Third Time Charmed?

Is Third Time Charmed?

Is Third Time Charmed?

Hi other creatures! 

Check the design and make process of one of my favorite owl rings.

As long as I can remember myself creating, my design process was (and still is) filled with bitter failures, and sweet enlightenment's. I begin with a sketch, and then move on working on 3D model.
I sketched and looked on all my inspiration boards, opened Google and tipped: Great Horned Owl , fully motivated I set by my table and began carving the "New Bird" also known as the Great Horned Owl. 
As I suspected, it wasn't easy.

MODEL  N.1   9.5  hours 

Wax model

Result: Very Cat like, to many details, soft

MODEL N.2  6 Hours

After casting (again) into silver 925. 
* Lines are very rough, too abstract almost not recognizable
So, after these two :/  I had to admit something is not working. Too rapidly made ( in the cognitive aspect I mean), I felt I was missing something out . Well I am not a quieter, and as much as I was feeling like a total @#$$%%##@!&&^%  , I made a huge cup of coffee, and set for round 3.


MODEL N.3  8.5 hours 

I was nervous and highly motivated ( best combo for creating) . This owl will not beat me. Oh No No No. 
I began with sketches. I knew that all I need was to find those owl characteristics, and interpret them with a few basic lines. 

 I am not sure whether it was the Third time charm , or the fact that I was more calm and experienced on this time.  But... Finally...its DONE

A few important points:


* DO NOT BREAK . EVER. ( Although coffee breaks are more than necessary )



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