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Rhino Ring with Fancy Sapphires Setting

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Rhinoceroses ring, inspired by the white rhino. 

Geometric and unisex, made of sterling silver, with a beautiful setting of six light blue Sapphires (three on each side), one large Sapphire in the middle, and two smaller ones on it's sides, creating the shape of an eye, and with a setting of eight light blue Sapphires on the 2 horns. Creating a bright, vertical Sapphire line. 

In the memory of Sudan, the world's last known male northern white rhinoceros, died in Kenya on March 19, 2018.


    • Band width: 0.9 mm
    • Rhino's face: 2.5 cm X 1.5 cm 
    • Stone's size: 2 X (1.7 mm ) , 12 X (1 mm)
    • Weight: ~15 gr